SAVED4HOPE Therapeutic Summer Camp


Since 2013, SAVED Foundation has provided Summer Camp sponsorship programs to our local community. The families involved and/or previously sponsored wanted a camp just for them; a place where their ‘secret’ of trauma did not define them. They wanted to just be able to be safe and be children. The vision of SAVED4HOPE Therapeutic Summer Camp was from the request of parents and children in SAVED Therapeutic counseling services.

SAVED4HOPE Therapeutic Summer Camp is a 2-week evidence-informed trauma treatment and supportive summer camp for children victims of domestic violence between ages 8-16. Children and youth exposed to domestic violence are at an increased risk of experiencing abuse (physical, sexual, etc.), developing emotional and behavioral challenges, and experiencing subsequent exposure to trauma and adverse life experiences.

Our team is committed to the vision of safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children.


SAVED4HOPE provides an effective programmatic strategies, and policy approaches throughout our Camp. Steps to Create Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships and Environments are provied to assist campers and families in prevention efforts, through building commitment, using data to inform action, supporting parents and caregivers directly through programs, and by informing policies that strengthen families and protect children. Our goal is to help create safe neighborhoods, communities, and a world in which every child can thrive.

SAVED4HOPE provides a range of age appropriate specialized therapies and structured therapeutic activities including, but not limited to: arts and crafts, music, dance and movement, drama, play therapy, recreational or occupational therapies, sporting events, interpersonal relationships, socialization, life skills, decision-making, feelings identification/expression, assertiveness training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, effective communication, problem-solving, coping skills, anger control, self-esteem building, conflict resolution, team building, behavioral therapy, and goal setting.

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Enroll your child in SAVED4HOPE Therapeutic Summer Camp today!

It is a guaranteed investment in your child's future! They’ll enjoy a summer of Healing and Safe Good Fun!