Our mission

To break the cycle of trauma and negative generational behavioral patterns.


Our Vision

To improve and heal the effects of victimization to the populations we serve. Services will be implemented by providing advocacy, supports, education, intervention & prevention programs while maintaining a comfortable and safe platform for expression and dialogue to promote healthy growth in all dimensions of health, namely emotional & mental health. We seek to empower and provide deliverance for conflicted, disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities, individuals, families and youth who’ve experienced trauma.


Core Values

S  We believe in providing service excellence by giving the best and world-class service and achieving excellence each passing day.

A  We take a full accountability and are responsible of our actions that influence the lives of our consumers and fellow workers.

V  We possess a vision to help our communities break the cycle and heal the wounds of trauma experienced.

E   We are diligent in our pursuit to empower our consumers to promote an approach of motivation and strive for healing and deliverance.

D  We are devoted to making a change and ensuring our consumers are able to break the bondage of traumas for their yesterday.