Our Approach

S•A•V•E•D Foundation, Inc. provides a holistic and local approach to continue combating abuse, violence and trauma. S•A•V•E•D utilizes Structured Certified Therapeutic models in ALL services provided, both Clinical and Non-Clinical. 

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The SPARCS (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress) program is an evidence-based treatment (EBT) model specifically for teens that have been exposed to chronic trauma and/or stress. This group model aims to help chronically traumatized/stressed adolescents find that “sparc” of light within them and enhance their strengths and resilience. As a strength-based approach, SPARCS was designed to help adolescents find the wisdom in their responses, support skills they already possess, and foster new ways of coping.

SPARCS is based on three empirically informed interventions that were adapted and integrated in an effort to address the topics specifically relevant to adolescents exposed to chronic trauma and/or stress. 

S4 Program (Available soon)

The S4 Program is a Structured System to Support and Strengthen youth and women within the community. S4 focuses on addressing four major areas of life, Mental, Social, Physical and Spiritual. These four major areas are intertwined, like threads of a cloth. If you tug too hard on one, you’ll affect the others. We offer one-on-one and group mentoring based on the mentees initial Areas of Life assessment and their area of focus. A certified professional in the specific area of focus provides group mentoring on site. 


                 Brittany Spears, Volunteer                  Back to School Appreciation

                 Brittany Spears, Volunteer

                Back to School Appreciation

SAVED Foundation provides Evidence-Based treatments for PTSD, such as TF-CBT, CPT & PE. We provide services to both English and Spanish speaking population. We have both Hispanic speaking professionals and Certified Trauma Focused Specialists employed with our organization. SAVED Foundation, Inc. works diligently to ensure that mental health and substance abuse services are delivered within a clinically sound organization with appropriate Clinical oversight and the ability to deliver a continuum of services. 

Additional Services Include:

Outpatient behavioral health services

  • Clinical Comprehensive Assessments
  • Individual, family therapies
  • Psychotherapy for crisis


  • Community Assistance
  • Summer Camp Sponsorship
  • SAVED4HOPE Therapeutic Summer Camp