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SAVED Support Team

Our Clinical Team consists of Certified Trauma Focused Specialists, Fully and Provisionally experienced Licensed Clinicians and Medical Doctors. Our entire team works diligently to ensure that mental health and substance abuse services are delivered within a clinically sound organization with appropriate Clinical oversight and the ability to deliver a continuum of services.


Chasidy Alston
Jacqueline Baiada Sharelle Hatley Rhonda Hardin-Blackburn
Lee Ester Hendrix-Wilson Samantha McGirt

Therapists Quiana Mock-McDowell

Admin Staff
Nancy Alvarez Anyeli Alviter Romero

Suzette Hager


Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team has deep experience leading organizations and operations to focus on innovation, client value, and operational success through effective strategic focus, having a collective approach and team interaction.


McArthur Davis
Executive Director

Amanda Overocker, MSW, LCSW Clinical Programs Director

Patricia Tucker Finance and Grant Manager


Board of Trustees

The governing body of SAVED Foundation is the Board of Directors, which has all powers of governing and directing, and of overseeing the management of the business and affairs of the organization. The corporate governance principles of SAVED Foundation are found in the Corporate office of SAVED Foundation and a series of documents adopted by the Board of Governors and reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the organization and reflect current industry best practices.


John Robertson
Board Member

Claire Homes
Board Member

Corvin Davis
Board Member,

Latoya Robinson, Founder
Board Member

Brian Hairston

David Moore

Cindy Chavis-Williams

Raymond King
Board Member